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Trust Me. Originally Published February 7, Recently published March 13, Hardcover, Paperback, e-Book. Amazon Icon Barnes and Noble Icon. Trust Me by Jayne Ann Krentz – book cover, description, publication history. Krentz (Grand Passion) sends romance speeding down the new information Trust Me. Jayne Ann Krentz, Author, Claire Zion, Editor Pocket Books $22 (0p).

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Overview Music Video Charts. Feb 26, Jill Dunlop rated it really liked it.

TRUST ME by Jayne Ann Krentz | Kirkus Reviews

Sam’s nephews were particularly endearing and with an excellent payoff in the end. I’ve read it jahne many times it’s dog eared. They are theater people and are frequently trying to match her up with a man in the business. When they ke, Sam’s just been left at the altar for the second time and Desdemona’s the caterer trying to collect her bill for miniature asparagus tarts and three ice swans melting on the lawn.

Trust Me 1 1 Sep 27, La pobre mujer no tiene suficiente con su familia y va y se enamora de Starkā€¦Si hay una historia de que los polos opuesto se straen, esta se lleva la palma!

NB – I listened to this once, narrated by Marcia Strassman. He makes some truat in his own life as a result. Not going to star it cause I didn’t even bother skimming to the end. He has rules; she makes him break them.

Wow, I like that kind of heroes. I really didn’t think I would like it as much as I did. One of my favorite Krentz stories. Once again Sam Stark finds himself rejected at the alter. At pages, the book was thick in my hands, and I love being immersed in a great novel knowing I still have lots and lots of pages left to read.


View all 6 comments. May 04, Alicja rated it it was amazing. Casi me muero de verguenza ajena con lo del bolsillo! It matched his krenyz personality. I didn’t mind the secondary characters, but I did get really tired of all the “Wainwright” references after a while. Click on a plot link to find similar books!

Trust Me – Jayne Ann Krentz

Oct 29, Carrie rated it liked it Shelves: So much is entertaining, one wishes Krentz would get the rest right. Her relatives are in the theater and are called Macbeth, Benedick, Juliet, etc.

I enjoyed the ideas about family and family ties through adoption, both formal and informal. I liked the way Krentz wrapped up the mystery and the personal stories.

Trust Me is available for download from Apple Books. Jayne Ann Krentz First published: But boring is boring. England rated it it was amazing. I liked the premise of the handsome wealthy but socially inept geek falling for the woman with a family of theatre drama queens.

I liked Sparks character but nayne than that, I found the book and the people in it annoying. It has carried more weight for me than for you, Linda ; so there go my 3. I didn’t like how he felt he should apologize and grovel to her for his lack of social skills when it was apparent that her skills were sadly lacking as well. Krentz is married and lives with her husband, Frank, in Seattle, Washington.

There are also so many little fun quotes scattered throughout the story.

Bueno, pues el libro falla en ambas partes. How she manages to run her successful business with a revolving door of employees is never explained except to say that she’s an excellent business woman.

Oh, he’s good looking and mesmerizing in his own way, but he is a computer expert who has trouble understanding relationships with anyone and expressing his emotions, and a deep character I came to appreciate as the book progressed. All in all it was a decent beach read but not one that I’d read over and over She waits for him to leave her apartment then opens the door and shouts at the top of her lungs that he gave her her first orgasm, so everyone in the building can know about it, then locks him out of her place when he comes back to try to talk.


I finished this book but I did not find it very entertaining. He was qnn a ‘nerd’ because he wore gold-rimmed glasses and a pocket protector. It was a fun, fluffy read, although the characters were sometimes so stereotypical that it bordered on being farce. I was so shocked because i wasn’t really expecting those things rkentz happen.

He scooped Desdemona up in his arms. What they can connect?

Trust Me Book Summary and Study Guide

He tells Desdemona that for the most part he was marrying to have someone to have someone to do his public relations. Desdemona comes from a theatrical family so she’s more used to drama and emotion than reason and facts. I had minor issues with Desdemona’s family of freeloaders and feel that author dictate was jaune only thing that prevented them from being an unbearable burden on both her and her relationship with Sam. Desdemona surrounds herself with her family and they make up her catering staff.