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Una vacante imprevista has ratings and reviews. I returned it to the library and my kids asked about the author (they recognized JK Rowling). They call it “denial marketing”: the process whereby the contents of JK Rowling’s books are guarded like the crown jewels until publication day. Una Vacante Imprevista = A Casual Vacancy by J. K. Rowling at – ISBN X – ISBN – Salamandra –

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Una vacante imprevista

Without a Harry, Ron or Hermione to lighten things up, it’s all just downright miserable. The Casual Vacancy 5 Jan 08, But the grace and the tact and the finesse that goes into the book is fantastic. Second, why all the comparisons to Harry Potter? It made them charming. Loading comments… Trouble loading?

I guess I should’ve expected it. The town of Pagford is a picturesque English village in my mind, much like something out of Midsomer Murders. Tolstoy’s epic settings, as geographically and politically wide-ranging as his casts of characters, are traded in for the restricted confines of a small town. The foul and dirty bits always felt forced and inauthentic to me, like a sexually precocious youngster who enjoys throwing out terms for shock value alone.

Even the children in this book are without moral fiber. The swearing is coarse and prolific, and it’s usage is neither justified nor inventive. She calls herself Jo and has said, “No one ever called me ‘Joanne’ when I was young, unless they were angry.


It seems unfair imprevistw compare it to that world of magic that made her famous. And all the conflict was just kind of subdued.

The book seems doomed to be known as Mugglemarch. In truth the only reason I made it to page is because this book was written by J.

She gets a few piercings and smokes about two cigarettes, and her parents are worried, but they don’t need to be. It’s dark, dirty and realistic, even though I hesitate to use vacants last word, because the misery in this novel is, if anything, overdone.

Una vacante imprevista – J. K. Rowling – Google Books

The Harry Potter books were so good, and there was so much heart, and this just feels like an uninspired attempt to be the antithesis of that. With the words ‘by J. People make mistakes, and then they learn from them.

Like, I read it, and my brain imprevsita all of it, but, like, I can’t remember it because it was weird. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. The characters are all mostly unlikable and boring. They were paper cutouts of people, nothing more than they needed to be to address a few problems, and none of them were real to me.

A friend imprevvista me her copy of this book and I forced myself to read it over the weekend. You must accept that we are as real as you are; you must accept that you are not God. View all 26 comments.

JK Rowling: The Casual Vacancy – review

No mention of magic. Rowling – Commenti e discussione 75 Jan 22, Do you have to use expletives to prove that you are writing for adults?


Maybe Rowling didn’t want it to feel like she was repeating herself; maybe she wanted to show that life is hard, and yet Full of anger, spite and envy, only looking out for number one. Rowling Publicaciones y Ediciones Salamandra, S. But the marriage dissolved soon after the birth of their daughter.

It’s really worth it, but it does seem slow as hell less. No clouds in my storms Un Harry Potter books were great. Generally, though, The Casual Vacancy is a solid, traditional and determinedly unadventurous English novel. If I even got through the book, I doubt I would come out of it informed or uplifted, so what’s the point? By then the story still hadn’t really started, Rowling kept vadante introducing un characters, each time in a very characteristic way, with a dry description of their appearances and soul stirrings.

She also writes fiction novels under the name of Robert Galbraith.

Life can be tough, yeah, I get that. Since I only with a lot of struggling read up to page. Obviously, she is a very good writer. Her characters aren’t helping the matter neither. At least in the DMV you might have the good luck to observe some interesting characters: