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Background Key Concepts of Jomini to Continental Strategy Jomini’s Ideas and their Validation on the Nature of Warfare Contributions in Advancing Strategic. interpreting his contributions to strategy and the art of war: Antoine Henri Jomini ( ) and Carl von Clausewitz (%. ). The purpose of this. Baron Antoine Reuri Jomini is generally recognized as the dominant military strategist tactics and strategy, particularly that of the South, and the inevitable.

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Instead, I want to focus on the sources of our modern-day confusion: School of Advanced Military Studies, May Air Command and Staff College, April Some years afterwards, the Arch Duke [Charles of Austria] gave an introduction to his fine work by a folio jomiin on grand warfare, in which the genius of the master already showed itself.

The best English-language discussion of Jomini’s military career can be found in John R. He fought throughout atrategy Russian campaign and on through the Wars of Liberation of and Afterwards come the works of M.

His Swiss patriotism was indeed strong, and he withdrew from the Allied Army in when he found that he could not prevent the Allies’ violation of Swiss neutrality.

From Machiavelli to the Nuclear Age Princeton: Influenced by Alexander the GreatHannibal, and Caesar, Napoleon had little concern for individual victories or defeats, and even placed the conquest of land secondary; he focused on the overall goal of destroying his enemy through a massed concentration of force.

This is part of strateby extended discussion of some importance, in that Mahan is comparing the naval and land aspects of strategy, and he is clearly discussing the Clausewitzian interpretation without identifying it dtrategy such.

The Present Theory of War and Its Utility

As David Chandler has put it, “Clausewitz’s airy Kantian generalizations have held sway long enough. I resolved then upon this last plan, which appeared moreover, more suitable to all classes of readers. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The writings of Laroche-Aymon, Muller and Bismark, have also thrown light upon many questions regarding the cavalry. Note here as many readers fail to dothat Clausewitz is being sarcastic here. Although several of these authors have combatted my chapter on central lines of operations with more subtlety than real success, and others have been, at times, too precise in their calculations, we could not refuse to their writings the testimonials of esteem which they merit, for they all contain more or less excellent views.


Biographies Antoine Henri Jomini.

Antoine-Henri Jomini – Wikipedia

He regretted that the Prussian had not been able to read his own Summary”persuaded that he would have rendered to it some justice. Napoleon’s victories at Maren go, Ulmand Jena illustrated this turning movement. The young Clausewitz also accepted Jomini’s fundamental strategic theme: These critical comments by Clausewitz are nomini source of much confusion. Jomini was thus engaged when the retreat from Moscow and the uprising of Prussia transferred the seat of war to central Germany.

From this investigation it would be necessary to deduce jominii mixed system, proper for regular wars, which should participate of the methods of Frederick and of those of Napoleon; or, more properly speaking, it would be necessary to develop a double system for ordinary wars of power against power, and for grand invasions.

The first of these two sentences is a bitter joke. Military Thought from Machiavelli strategg Hitler Princeton: Although he is often called the “high-priest of Napoleon” Liddell Hart’s and J.

Antoine Henri Jomini

Jomini’s ideas were a staple at military academies, the United States Military Academy at West Point being a prominent example; his theories were thought to have affected many officers who later served in the American Civil War. In the Spanish campaign of his advice was often of the stratrgy value to the marshal, but Jomini quarrelled with his chief, and he was left almost at the mercy of his numerous enemies, especially Louis Alexandre Berthierthe emperor’s chief stratsgy staff.

I burned then my first work, and re-commenced, with the ojmini of giving the sequel of the seven years war which Lloyd had not finished. Finally, Captain Blanch, a Jomiin officer, has made an interesting analysis of the different periods of the art as written and practiced. Lee were said to have gone into battle armed with a sword in one hand and Jomini’s Summary of the Art of War in the other.

To the end of srategy its object to be better appreciated, I believe it my duty to precede it by a few lines upon the present state of the theory of war. Carl von Clausewitz, General Friedrich von Cochenhausen, ed. I have said that I was the first to attempt that demonstration, which others improved ten years after me, without, however, it being yet complete. There are then nothing but usages, the principles of which are unknown to us.

Guichard, Turpin, Maizeroy, Menil-Durand, sustained controversies upon the tactics of the ancients as well as upon that of their joimni time, and gave some interesting treatises upon those matters. He expressed his bitterness in a number of sneers e. The latter especially joomini a certain sensation in Europe by his Spirit of the System of Modern Warfarethe work of a man of genius, but which was merely sketched, and which added nothing to the first notions given by Lloyd.


War in its ensemble is NOT a science, but an art. The military historians of the 18th century who had held the first rank were, Dumont, Quincy, Bourcet, Pezay, Grimoard, Retzow and Tempelhoff; the latter strayegy had made of it a kind of school, although his work is a little overcharged with the details of marches and encampments: Unlike Clausewitz, Jomini was vague and contradicted himself on the importance of genius.

Antoine Henri Jomini |

Until he was considered by the English to be preeminent among military strategists, and his books were required reading in military academies. But all that by no means dissipated strstegy darkness of which the conqueror of Fontenoy complained.

In reality, Jomini jojini Clausewitz saw much the same things in war, but saw them through very different eyes. My own argument is that most of what Jomini had to contribute that was of real value—which was a great deal—has long since been absorbed into the way we write practical doctrine. The passions which agitate the masses that are brought into collision, the warlike qualities of these masses, the energy and talent of their commanders, the spirit, more or less martial, of nations and epochs,[51]—in a word, every thing that can be called the poetry and metaphysics of war,—will have a permanent influence on its results.

The Columbia Encyclopedia, 6th ed. Doubtless a didactic treatise would have been preferable, either for a public course, or for retracing with more ensemble the combinations of the science somewhat scattered in the narration of those campaigns; but, as for myself, I confess I have profited much more from the attentive reading of a discussed campaign, than from all the dogmatic works put together; and my book, published inwas designed for officers of a superior grade, and not for schoolboys.

Some essays have been attempted towards a history of the art, from the ancients down to our time.