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This extraordinary work of investigative journalism takes readers inside America’s isolated Mormon Fundamentalist communities, where some In his bestselling books Into Thin Air and Into the Wild, Jon Krakauer explored the In the prologue to Under the Banner of Heaven, Krakauer asks of the brutal. Under the Banner of Heaven has ratings and reviews. Jon Krakauer’s literary reputation rests on insightful chronicles of lives conducted at the.

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What does the book reveal about fanatics such as Ron and Dan Lafferty? What does it reveal about brutality and faith and the connections between them? Why does Krakauer move back and forth between Mormon history and contemporary events? What are the connections between the beliefs and practices of Joseph Smith and his followers in the nineteenth century and the behavior of people like Dan and Ron Lafferty, Brian David Mitchell, and others in the twentieth?

How does polygamy affect young girls? Is it, as Leavitt claims, pedophilia plain and simple? Joseph Smith claimed that the doctrine of polygamy was divinely inspired.

No doubt, bin Laden would say much the same of Lafferty. How are Dan Lafferty and Osama bin Laden alike? In what ways are all religious fundamentalists alike? What would the legal ramifications be of such a shift in thought? Is this a fair and accurate statement?


What historical examples support it? What improvements in humane feeling and social justice has the Mormon church opposed?


th Much of Under the Banner of Heaven explores the tensions between freedom of religion and governmental authority. How should these tensions be resolved?

What other similarities exist between the Mormon and Islamic faiths?

How should Joseph Smith be understood: Is Krakauer himself a trustworthy guide to the events he describes in Under the Banner of Heaven? Are his writing and his judgments thhe and reasonable? What makes them so? What patterns emerge from looking at Mormon history?

What do events like the Mountain Meadow massacre and the violence between Mormons and gentiles in Missouri and Illinois suggest about the nature of Mormonism? Have Mormons been more often the perpetrators or the victims of violence?

Under the Banner of Heaven by Jon Krakauer | : Books

Why does Krakauer end the book this way? In what ways are Mormons not free to think for themselves? Is such freedom more important than happiness?

In Under the Banner of Heavenhe turns to krakaueer different kind of extremism: Whence did he derive the moral justification? What filled him with such certitude? Krakauer draws a clear distinction between law-abiding mainstream Mormons krakuaer fanatical Mormon fundamentalists. However, as he alternates between the history of Mormonism in the nineteenth century and contemporary cases such as the Lafferty murders and the kidnapping of Elizabeth Smart, Krakaker reveals a religion steeped in violence almost since its inception.


Murderous clashes between Mormons and gentiles in Missouri and Illinois nearly led to civil war in the s. Federal troops dissuaded Young, but the conflict at the heart of the turmoil remained: This faith in the divine revelation of the will of God, which put Joseph Smith and rkakauer early Mormon church at odds with earthly authorities, would later inspire fundamentalists like Dan and Ron Lafferty to commit what they felt to be justified murders.

And it is this belief that allows us to relate Mormon fundamentalists to their Islamic counterparts around the world: Questions and Topics for Discussion 1.

Or Life and Confession of John D. Growing Up in Polygamy.

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