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Free kindle book and epub digitized and proofread by Project Gutenberg. Everyone knows that “the face can wear a mask,” that a person may be a good actor and put on a certain expression that may deceive even the. It will thus be seen that, viewing palmistry from this standpoint alone, it becomes a study not contrary to the dictates of reason, but in accordance with those.

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In a very short time this man could detect the slightest change or irregularity in these crepitations, and through the changes was able to tell with wonderful accuracy about how old a person was, and how near they were to illness, and even death. Bearing the first observation in mind it will be noticed that as the Line of Life represents the stomach and the vital organs, when well marked the [Pg 37] stomach and digestion must necessarily be in a good condition.

This curious sign very often helps in deciding matters as regards marriage. If very badly marked they denote that in the latter part of life the subject may be disposed to insanity proceeding from a worrying disposition, and often from the overstraining of the mental faculties.

They have no “hold,” as it were, on any one thing. Following this arrangement, it is only reasonable to assume that this mark under consideration, viz. It is more changeable and uncertain and is by no means such a sure sign of riches or solid position.

It has palnistry practised by the greatest minds in all those civilisations, minds that have left their mental philosophies and their monuments for us to marvel at. Although such a sign as the Double Kwiro of Head gives a remarkable degree of mentality, yet I have always found it a more successful sign to find one clear Line of Head well marked on the hand than the two Lines of Head in any of their positions.

If these were found in some unnatural position they would equally be the indications of unnatural tendencies.

Practical Palmistry : Charles Yates Stephenson :

People with the Sun Line appear to have more magnetism, more influence over others. I will first proceed to give all the details possible about these lines, and then call my reader’s attention to the other marks on the hand that qualify these Lines of Keeiro, and further add a wealth of information regarding them.

If the Line of Fate ascending the hand sends an offshoot from it on or towards any of the Mounts, such as palmisry Jupiter, the Sun, or Mercury, then the Destiny will be more largely associated with the quality that the Mount it approaches symbolises. In this case the owner would be, however, more subject to what may be called “a crooked fate” than wilfully “wrong.


I found people were sceptical of such a study only because they had not the subject presented to them in a logical manner. If, on the other hand, these long fingers were smooth jointed, he would, while having the same desire for ideality and for everything intellectual, be keieo and inspirational, would lack a sense of detail and a love for detail in his own work, would be visionary, artistic, emotional.

If they look short and stumpy in proportion to the rest of the palm—one may be sure that the individual to whom they belong is of an animal nature, possessing coarse instincts, devoid of real intellectuality, and belonging to the lower order of humanity.

People [Pg 21] possessing this mark are rather less “hard students” than those with the Line of Head and Line of Life joined together, but they have papmistry brilliancy and quickness of thought that they seem to see in a flash that which takes the other class hard work to attain.

The qualities of the fiery Mount of Mars, from which such a Line of Head starts inside the Life Line, is largely the cause of the peculiarities above indicated. It is reasonable to assume that it is this intimate connection with the vital organs of the body which enables it to foretell the length of life from natural causes.

Palmistry for All by Cheiro

But this formation must not be confounded with the Line of Head curving downwards through the upper part of the MountPlate II. When the line, which is otherwise well marked, appears about the centre to break in two, it foreshadows a fatality or break-up paomistry an otherwise happy married life.

It happens, just reset it in a minute. When many lines are found on the Mount of the Sun, they show also the artistic nature, but one where the multiplicity of aims and ideas will prevent any real success.

Cheiro – Wikipedia

Another important point to consider is, whether the Line of Life goes straight up to the side of the Mount of Venus and narrows that MountPlate IX. In such cases it generally promises a very happy marriage palmistrry in life, but it is always a certain sign of eventual ease, happiness, and worldly comfort.

The first joint or nail phalange of the thumb, when long and thin, denotes the opposite of the above characteristics. They have as a rule, simply bright, happy, sunny dispositions if this line is marked on their hands, and they go palmisry life as in a dream, and their dreams are to them the only lalmistry that matter.


After some years in London, and many world travels, Cheiro moved to America. When the space is very wide it denotes excessive impetuosity and lack of pamlistry of purpose, a person who pushes himself forward on all occasions, a great desire for notoriety and one continually changing his plans as far as the world is concerned.

Keirp talented musician as a child, she learned piano at age four and wrote her first ballad at age of When any line from the top of the Mount of Mercury falls down into the Marriage Line, it shows that there will be great obstacles to overcome in whatever marriage the subject enters, but if the Line of Marriage is a good one, then such obstacles will be overcome.

Practical Palmistry: Clear and Common-sense Explanation – Keiro (C.Y. Stephenson)

While speaking on this particular point, I must also call attention to the fact that when the Line of Head is curved downwards instead of running straight across the palm, that it seems to be more attracted to the qualities indicated by the Mount of Venus and gives more to the imaginative, romantic nature, showing a greater tendency to fall in love, than with people who possess the Line of Head running straight across the hand, as if it were not attracted to the qualities indicated by the Mount of Venus.

The Line of Head is more frequently found connected with than separated from the Line of Life. If this Line of Head farther out in the palm become straight, it denotes that the subject will, later, by the development of his intelligence largely overcome this failing of over-sensitiveness.

Remember that the hands are the immediate servants or instruments of the brain.

In it, the rules of Palmistry that I have palmistey in the following pages are borne out in all their details. It will thus be seen that every portion of this remarkable line may be divided into sections to obtain marvellous detail in making predictions for the future. If this finger is unusually long and nearly equals the second, all these tendencies are extremely pronounced. Possessors of such a thumb are generous, adaptable to others, extravagant, and keirro in their actions and decisions.