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Explore millions of videos from across the world and Enjoy the content you love to watch. Keracunan organofosfat dan insektisida. Soegijanto Soemomarto Soegijanto Soemomarto(1*) (1) (*) Corresponding Author. Baygon Cockroach Control will give an effective residual control for up to 4 weeks dan baunya yang sangat kuat seperti boleh membuat keracunan pula. 4 .

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They may also induce vomiting. Mushrooms can be hallucinogenic, often the doctors will simply let the mushroom work its way out of the system. What kind of poison the person was exposed to if you know. Ask the person to spit out keracuban poison in their mouth. Always check for danger to yourself before assisting another.

Not Helpful 2 Helpful 4. You should also remove any objects or furniture from the area that they might hit while thrashing, loosen any clothing around their neck, and check to see if they have dentures and remove them if they do.

Be prepared to tell them: If you can, get them to a well-ventilated area, such as outdoors or a room with open windows and doors. Can I help someone who has carbon monoxide poisoning while in the same room as the carbon monoxide?

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I would refer you to the Wikihow article on “3 Ways to treat a Snake Bite. Not Helpful 1 Helpful 2. Call your local emergency number as soon as possible ,eracunan you notice symptoms such as: Making a person vomit when they have swallowed poison could cause harmful chemical burns in their throat.


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If the person vomits and is not convulsing, you can gently swipe your fingers across the inside of their mouth to clear their airway. If the ink has only come in contact with the skin, you must wash it thoroughly with lukewarm water until the substance can no longer be seen by the naked eye.

Oeracunan you suspect that a person has deliberately taken medication, drugs, or poison to hurt themselves, call emergency services immediately. Thanks for letting us know. A person who has been exposed to poison may feel sick or frightened, and may have convulsions or seizures in some cases.

Look for the signs of poison. This can help ieracunan professionals identify the source of the poison and provide the keracunam kind of treatment.

Keracunan baygon

Clean any contaminated skin with cool water. Just do to chest compressions per minute until help arrives. Remind yourself that the best thing you can do right now is call for help and let the medical professionals talk you through the situation. Shaking or keraucnan hands.

If you know or suspect that you or someone else has been exposed to poison, you might feel scared or panicked.

Tips In some cases, it can be hard to know for sure if someone was poisoned e. Rinse away poison in the eyes with cool or lukewarm water. The doctor may give them a medicinal treatment, such as an antidote, or give them laxatives or fluids to try to flush the poison out of their system. This is also important if the poison was due to fumes from a chemical.


Perform CPR if a poisoned person is not breathing, moving, or coughing. Call emergency services if you notice poisoning symptoms. There are 24 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page.

For example, if the person swallowed the substance, they may need emergency medical care. Mengatasi Keracunan Print Edit Send fan mail to authors.

In some cases, the only treatment is observation and medical support e. Check for track marks on their arms if you suspect drug use. Pull your right leg up at the knee to prevent yourself from rolling forward bqygon backward.

Keep the person on their side with their head turned to one side to prevent them from choking on vomit. If you know or think that you or another person has been poisoned by a household chemical keraccunan.