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View Laticrete , details & specifications from M.Y.K. Laticrete, Navi Mumbai, a leading Retailer of Adhesive Sealants in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra. LATICRETE FLOOR AND WALL THIN SET ADHESIVE is a smooth and creamy thinset Adhesive for installing small to medium format. LATICRETE Floor and Wall Thin-Set Adhesive is a smooth and creamy, sanded thin-set adhesive for installing many types of ceramic wall.

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Delivery options for Change. Myk Laticrete Latafix Grey Adhesive 20 kg pack. All visual elements of a product like color, texture, finish, pattern, design, shape, size, dimension oaticrete other such, as listed and displayed on www. All product lagicrete provided on www. It is liable upon all those who use, handle or install any product listed on www.

The surface to be covered with ceramic tile shall be sound and confirm to good design, rigid, clean and free of dirt, oil, grease, curing compounds, form release agents or loose plaster and paint. For economy the surfaces should laticgete level and true with in:. Do not over mix. Leave the mix to slake for min and remix before use.

Mix only sufficient quantity of adhesive for immediate need.

MYK Laticrete 307 Thin Set Adhesive, 20 Kg

Adjust quantity of liquid to obtain proper consistency. Wet the surface and remove the excess water before applying the adhesive. Ensure the area is shaded from sunlight.


The adhesive shall be applied with the flat side of the trowel using a scraping motion to work the material into good contact with the surface to be covered. Additional mortar is then applied with the notched edge of the trowel. When installing large tiles, spread adhesive onto back of tile in addition to troweling material over surface to be tiled.

MYK Laticrete Thin Set Adhesive, 20 Kg, Rs /pack | ID:

Select proper type of notched trowel. Rear face of tiles especially Porcelain tiles should be cleaned with damp sponge to clean all the dust. Do not saturate in water.

Excess mortar on adhesive shall be cleaned from the surface of the stone with wet cloth or sponge while the mortar is fresh. All sponsored products, listed products, services, organization names, brand names, logos and trademarks appearing on Build Mantra website are property of respective owner organizations.

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Laticrete 307 Floor And Wall Thin-Set Adhesive

Locally Known as Adhesive Brand: Myk Laticrete product ID: Check your delivery option. Latjcrete Price Inclusive of all taxes: Rollover any image to magnify. Myk Laticrete Latafix Grey Adhesive 20 kg pack 0. For economy the surfaces should be level and true with in: Walls — 3 mm in 2.

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