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This book by Common Craft founder Lee LeFever is a simple guide to turning complex ideas into easy-to-understand explanations. Learn the strategies that. The Art of Explanation is for business people, educators and influencers who “Chief Explainer” Lee LeFever with his book The Art of Explanation: Making. Lee LeFever. Art Explanation Lee LeFever is the co-founder of Common Craft and author of The Art of Explanation. Since , Common Craft.

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Official Website – The Art of Explanation, a book by Lee LeFever

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Return to Book Page. Your guide to becoming an explanation specialist. Your product exllanation service works beautifully – but something is missing. Your idea has an explanation problem. The Art of Explanation is for business people, educators and influencers who want to improve their explanation Your guide to becoming an explanation specialist. The Art of Explanation is for business people, educators and influencers who ex;lanation to improve their explanation skills and start solving explanation problems.

Author Lee LeFever is the founder of Common Craft, a company known around the world for making complex ideas easy xrt understand through short animated videos. He is your guide to helping audiences fall in love with your ideas, products or services through better explanations in any medium. You will learn to: Learn explanation basics, what causes them to fail and how to diagnose explanation problems.

Using simple elements, create an explanation strategy that builds confidence and motivates your audience. Produce remarkable explanations with visuals and media. The Art of Explanation is your invitation to become an explanation specialist and see why explanation is now a fundamental skill explanatioh professionals.

Paperbackpages. To see what your friends thought of this lre, please sign up. Lists with This Book. Apr 25, Jeff rated it really liked it Shelves: A must-read for communicators, or anyone who has to explain information, concepts or presents. An explanation describes facts in a way that makes them understandable. The intent of an explanation is to increase understanding. What do great explainers have in common: Great explaners have the ability to picture themselves in another person’s shoes and communicate from that perspective.

Without a way to explain something effectively, we limit its ability to spread. P A must-read for communicators, or anyone who has to explain information, concepts or presents. Packaging ideas focus on a few elements: Agreement — Big picture statements that most people will recognize.

Think of your audience this way: There are ten people in a room.

The Art of Explanation: Making your Ideas, Products, and Services Easier to Understand

Two with little interest, six with interest, and two experts. Your challenge is to reach all of them. Facts give stories substance. Stories give facts meaning. Elements of a Common Craft script: Mar 23, Susan rated it really liked dxplanation. I really love this book. I find the illustrations helpful, especially the visual aid of the A-Z scale of understanding and the objective of helping others progress along that scale.


Oct 03, Nurlan Imangaliyev rated it liked it Shelves: A team of lefsver who specialize in explaining things via short videos didn’t have to stretch this book for so many for such a book pages. Had to skip through some parts. Enjoyed the last few chapters more than the lefeverr of the book. Feb 28, Juan rated it really liked it. Must-read for communicators but it will not show nothing new if you are already doing talks and presentations often.

Jul 29, Greg lfever it it lefevdr ok. This wasn’t a worthless read, and I may even reference a few things in the future. But this book was too general to be the guide that I was looking for. The author, as he himself analogizes, kind of left me standing by the side of the pool instead of helping me to jump in.

My particular complaint is that the author consistently, in word and deed, underestimates the danger of ignoring and annoying more knowledgeable audience members on any topic. This book annoyed me, because I already thought eno This wasn’t a worthless read, and I may even reference a few things in the future. This book annoyed me, because I already thought enough of explanation to specifically search for and buy a book on how to explain concepts.

But the book itself spends most of its time trotting out lefevdr basics and explaining its own need for existence. I’m not saying it didn’t have good points and thought-provoking lefdver to it, but I spent money on a book about explaining and got a book that I probably could have written myself.

Explaining is a big part of my job, to be sure, so I may know more than a lot of others who don’t often have to explain complicated things, but that’s exactly why I bought a book on lefevfr in the first place. The author believes that there’s not much danger in writing an explanation to reach the whole range of understanding levels by sacrificing specificity and accuracy where it helps understanding.

That can be a good point, but the author is likely to believe that because he owns a company that makes money by simplifying things so that newbies can understand them. In my work, I’m often asked to explain software limitations to angry doctors and hospital executives. I don’t have three weeks to refine a simplified message for my audience, and the possible result of annoying the more advanced audience led is that nothing ever gets done because we never talk about the true nature of the issue.

Which, yet again, is not to say that this book was worthless.

There are good points that can be applied to my own situation. But as a professional who works with explanations daily, I found it to be more general than I expected and less specifically helpful. After thinking on it a little bit more, what I hoped to see in the book was more strategies for “how to make people understand something complex once.

The non-experts have to be informed on what they’re deciding on exactly once, and this has to happen often several times a day. So what I wanted was more conversational techniques, information about what kinds of phrases and strategies cause confusion, how to recover from making an unclear statement, etc. This book wasn’t that specific. View all 4 comments. May 31, Ryan O’Connor rated it it was amazing. One of the things that interested me about this book was the concept that explaining is a skill.

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Like any skill, your ability to help people understand the world around them can be improved. This book does several things well in its three main parts, planning, packaging, and presenting explanations.

Long story short, great book for improving your ability to increase understanding. Mar 04, Jay rated it really liked it Shelves: I like the kind of book that takes a narrow topic, makes it somewhat unique, and just tells you how to do something.

The Common Craft folks, purveyors of videos that explain things, define their niche and show exactly how it’s done. It ain’t rocket science, but their product has a well-thought out method behind it. In my book, good business books either change your way of thinking or make you want to act, and this one does both, in a relatively short volume. Mar 09, Abdulaziz Alzain rated it really liked it. This book is a must read! What I liked about this book is it teaches you how to become an explanation expert and tell your story in less than 4 minutes.

105. Lee LeFever: The Art of Explanation

Also it teaches you how to make it less complicated for the people who knows nothing about your product or service or don’t know how to use it. Read it and thank me later! Aug 25, Justin Price rated it really liked it.

As the author points out, we tend to take explanations for granted, but once you read a few chapters, you look at things a little differently especially PowerPoint slides. Even if you don’t learn any new techniques or ideas by reading this, it still makes you more mindful of how you explain.

May 06, Manel Pique rated it really liked it Shelves: It helped me to understand why my explanations tended to fail and how to improve them in order to become a better professional.

It’s also good to know that everything in the book is very well explained: If you have an idea, product or service you want to entice people with or simply explain it in an effective way, this is the book for you. Great book with no none-sense approach to crafting highly effective explanations that help people just get it!

Lee LeFever: The Art of Explanation – Time to Shine Podcast

Jul 14, Siran added it. This book gave me so much confidence in my abilities to explain something to people. It works in all areas of life! Thanks to the author. explanatioj

Dec 18, Stephen rated it really liked it Shelves: It is simple to understand and gives me a different perspective of the importance of Explanation.