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Art. 1o Esta Lei institui o Sistema Nacional de Unidades de Conservação da . I – Órgão consultivo e deliberativo: o Conselho Nacional do Meio Ambiente -. instituído pela Lei Federal no de 18 de julho de ” [protected areas of conservation units in reference to Law No 9,/] (Leray 43), Art. 2°, consultivo e deliberativo: o Conselho Nacional do Meio Ambiente – Conama. Earthscan, London MMA (Ministerio de medio ambiente) () Provisional Act DF, Brazil, , accessed

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The present paper will focus on the interviewees’ statements about the P.

Lei 9985 em pdf file

Bulletin of the cracid specialist group. The duration of the interviews varied from 30 to 80 minutes. In Amazonia, the most hunted bird species are those from mejo Cracidae family [ 11 – 1323 ].

All authors have written, read and approved the final version of the manuscript. Vallejo states that increased public use, mainly through visits, can zmbiente direct and indirect benefits to society, particularly at personal, economic, social, and environmental levels.

In many cases the interviews allowed to confirm previous observations done during riverines’ activities. Reconciling conservation in amazonian reserves with and without use. He has experience in Philosophy, focusing on Ethics, particularly in Philosophy of Education, Philosophy of Biology and Ethics applied to Environmental and Business amblente. A zooterapia no Recife Pernambuco: In conclusion, there is still a long way ahead when it comes to the creation of rules and procedures that simultaneously encourage visits accompanied by qualified nature guides and biodiversity conservation.

meio ambiente by rosane barbarine on Prezi

It is the most threatened bird family of the Americas, mostly due to habitat destruction and hunting [ 2526 ]. Such procedure would prevent the employment relationship between the interested parties and, at the same time, it would allow the guide to carry out a business activity in a public area.


These people believe that the use of the feathers and bones of the American Harpy Eagle Harpia harpyja Accipitridae in rituals will give them good luck during hunting. He has experience in Geography, focusing on Cartography, particularly on the following topics: This had lead to the mixing of the indigenous population with the migrant people, which had come from other Amazonian regions and from Northeastern Brazil.

Abstract In the Amazonian basin, the human populations that traditionally inhabit the forest use its natural resources in various ways.

Brazil Home to such biologically diverse areas as the Amazon, Cerrado, and Atlantic Forest, Brazil is a party to the Convention on Biological Diversity and has a long history of enacting legislation for maintaining biodiversity.

Tape recorders were not used to avoid inhibiting the informants. These pets are never to be killed by humans and, therefore, are not domesticated for future consumption.

In all the houses that we visited, dusters made from razor-billed curassow feathers were present. Training and up-dating of guides. The database registered 37 state management ambieente belonging to the 27 federal units of Brazil.

The hatchlings are then raised as pets. As a consequence, the local human populations gain more biomass for their subsistence hunting. Stratified cox regression was performed to yield adjusted hazard ratios for cvd endpoints associated with egg consumption. According to the interviewees, the species can either be seen inside the primary forest or inside shorter and more open vegetation at the river margins.

For example, the Crax globulosa is used in a Peruvian region to cure rheumatism and to remove the “negative energy” from people [ 12 ].

The leii of air flows changed significantly for the ventilation circuits panel iii levelwhere the air flow rate diminished from. In this way, biodiversity conservation is an important strategy to ensure the evolution and maintenance of systems essential to life in the biosphere Decreto Legislativo n. Journal of Environmental Management.


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Particularly, considering that activities in natural environments and the number of people involved have been increasing in the last decade Meii, The new policy places strong emphasis on no net loss and eocological equivalence and establishes standard offset ratios. First and foremost, it is important to considerer that the results presented in this paper refer only to the information available on the internet.

It generally occurs during the hunting parties of other cynegetic species, during the gathering of Ldi foraging parties that may take several days, with men camped in sheds away from home and of other forest products like lianas, honey, wood, fruits, oils, etc.

The compatibility of the legal frameworks identified with the eight guidelines regarding the activity of guiding people issued by the MMA in the document “Guidelines for visitors to the Units if Conservation” MMA,was assessed through comparison.