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Miranda ar fi murit de fric, engelza ar fi vzut umbre furindu-se de-a lungulmesei lungi de lemn. In order to take the written exam in the exam session, you have to take the preliminary tests and to hand in the written tasks in due time. I think it’s very easy to Little Tommy to eat an ice-cream; his father to smoke a cigarette.

Dac tiam cine eti, te ddeam afar. Nu i se pare greu de crezut c aceast carte a fost scris n Evul Mediu? It was constantly chasing the cats next door The teacher entered the classroom at eight oclock sharp.

My friend is reading the newspaper now. They speak English well.

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If you disable this cookie, we will not be able to save your preferences. Poate c citete, habar n-am. I gave you my copybook last night. A spus c-i ajunge ct a muncit, c tunde iarba din fraged copilrie, c vrea s vad lumea, aa c a plecat ntr-un tur al lumii i acum viziteaz Frana. Ar fi putut pleca, dar a rmas acolo i i-a ascultat discursul pn la sfrit. You may not like the cold weather here, but you’ll have to They built this house over two hundred years ago. But it does seem strange that everyone else.


Trebuie c cicatricea aceea a fost o ran grav mai demult. I heard the news. N-am nici cea mai vag idee de ce tocmai i s-a cerut locotenentului s pun masa, fiindc vede toat lumea c masa a fost deja pus i soldaii lui au fost chiar dui n formaie acolo s-i ia cina. A We may know the answers tomorrow. This soup would taste better if it.

Mai bine ai veni i tu. William the Conqueror to land in England in Alegei propoziia A sau B care are cel mai apropiat sens de propoziia dat. He claimed 2 have been playing football at the time, and stated that several witnesses could confirm this. We’ll stay at home if it Canadianul ar veni, dac ar fi rugat. Presupun c fata de acolo o fi sora lui 1600.

Poi s-mi spui pe litere numele suedezului? George a vzut-oalaltieri i zice c erau acolo o mulime de oameni i c n-a mai vzut o pies aa debun. As I to come to school yesterday, I to see Johns father working grlla the garden. What she, to do now? Bilan – PDF Documents. I want to be rich and famous. Formele contractate reprezintp un singur cuvnt.


Jack and karen are going to get married.

The boy finished his lessons at about seven oclock. Deseori ncep cte o carte i o las apoi neterminat, fiindc trebuie s lucrez mult la englez i seara, cnd m apuc s citesc un roman ori o carte de nuvele ori ce altceva mai gsesc, sunt obosit.


E recomandabil s treci la subiect, fiindc toi ateapt s aud ce crezi despre ce s-a ntmplat aici reste. Heorot was visited by a terrible monster, named Grendel. Pacientul fusese bine ngrijit, dar se plngea c nu-i place salonul i vrea s plece din spital ct mai curnd, chiar nainte s se nsntoeasc. Marys sister to look out of the window at the people in the street.

Puteai s alegi o main mai bun; aceasta nu face doi bani. Mai bine sttea albanezul acas. Atept aici de mai bine de o or i nu te-am vzutvenind. Are de gnd s te ntrebe dac mnnci ceva, iar kimba intenionez s-i spun c un adevrat vntor nu mnnc niciodat altceva dect vnat, ceea ce sunt sigur c nu are i nici nu va putea face rost, chiar dac-i spui c mori de foame.