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se define inicialmente la línea de Hilgenreiner “H”, que se traza a través de los cartílagos triradiados; la línea de Perkins “P” es dibujada perpendicular a la H. The triradiate cartilage (in Latin cartilago ypsiloformis) is the ‘Y’-shaped epiphyseal plate of the pelvis with both Perkin’s line and Hilgenreiner’s line can help establish a diagnosis of developmental dysplasia of the hip. iliopubic eminence / iliopectineal line · linea terminalis · ischiopubic ramus / pubic arch; Foramina. Los movimientos que puede realizar la articulación coxofermoral son: Flexión: º; Extensión: 30º; Abducción: 45º; Aducción: 30º; Rotación.

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Panoramic radiographs present not only the position but also the shape and number of lingula and mandibular foramen. Based on the anatomic findings, the surgical technique for a bone flap based on the iliolumbar artery was designed. We present two cases of IVC variation as an incidental finding in patients studied by means of CT scan for the gradation of kidney carcinoma and pancreatic cancer respectively.

A morphometric analysis of the superior cervical ganglion and its surrounding structures Surgical and Radiologic Anatomy Of 45 cases, intertendinous septum and extended EPB tendon were observed in 37 Winds behind the superior articular process of the atlas enters the skull through the foramen magnum and, at the lower border of the pons, joins with the vessel of the opposite side to form the basilar artery. We analyzed CT angiogram of the hip region [72 men, 28 women; mean age We have reviewed 70 patients with bilateral simultaneous total hip arthroplasties to determine the rate of failure and to compare polyethylene wear and osteolysis between an implant with a cobalt-chrome head and Hylamer liner with that of a zirconia head and Hylamer liner.

In one type, the duplicated nerve is split into two branches for a limited length in the cavernous sinus CS. The iliac crest flap pedicled on the iliolumbar artery is a reliable bone flap for clinical usage. Four avascular tetragonal areas were common to all the specimens.

This procedure might be technically demanding, time consuming and potentially dangerous. We have studied 39 human fetuses aged between 17 and 38 weeks of development through multi-helicoidal CT. We measured the orientation of the watershed line between the right and left hepatic artery territories and the orientation of the middle scissura on other available sectional imaging modalities, and then compared the middle scissura with the arterial watershed line.


Consequently, neurosurgeons should be familiar with the anatomy of the intrapetrous cavities and their contents, and with the relationships in the area. Acetabular bone stock loss compromises the outcome in primary and revision total hip arthroplasty.

So far no clinical results concerning the survival rates of cementless pure titanium cups with laser-structured surfaces exist. Conclusion The absence of no attachment and FDL tendon to the FHL between the two tendons in the foot may be more frequent than previously reported.

Acetabular cup implant Publications | PubFacts

Based on the data from the literature, this method allows an anatomic approach to the ACL, bundle by bundle, during flexion movement. The left popliteal artery gave rise to a common stem that subdivided into two individual branches replacing the proximal part of the anterior tibial artery, and then divided into the posterior tibial artery and the peroneal artery. The presence of an anomalous head of coracobrachialis muscle which had muscular origin from an abnormal site on coracoid process and thin tendinous insertion at the junction of brachialis and triceps muscle in common with insertion of coracobrachialis muscle to the medial surface of the middle of the shaft of the humerus.

Luchtdruk Ligamenten en spieren. An elastohydrodynamic lubrication model developed for a ball-in-socket configuration in a previous studies by linex present authors Jalali-Vahid et al. The iliolumbar artery was constant, but with a few variations.

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The aim of the presented study was the detection of any negative influence of weight bearing mobilisation on the hilgenrekner of this cementless implant. Sex or side was not a significant factor for both angles. There was connection between the deep peroneal nerve llinea the superficial peroneal nerve in 10 specimens Objective To study the radiographic angles and the relationship between the acetabulum and the proximal femur.

Radiological evaluation can visualize important details of this complex anatomy. The objective of this study was to provide the morphological details on small branches of the portal vein in transverse groove of hepatic hilum.

The authors retrospectively evaluate a group of 28 hip joints in which in and total hip replacement was performed for developmental dysplasia llinea the hip joint.

Triradiate cartilage

A total of 25 patients 10 men, 15 women, mean age 61 years who had been operated on earlier than 11 months previously were studied. The stapedial artery was often quite dilated, as well as other cephalic vessels, but qualitatively normal. The findings show that in three quarters of cases the connection of the distal tibia and fibula is not a mere syndesmosis but also a synovial joint.


Univariate analysis was performed to compare the clinicopathological variables. The SCG existing in all cadavers was detected at the C2 vertebra level in 34 cadavers and at the C3 vertebra level in 6 cadavers.

The ulnar collateral ligament is essential to the elbow joint stability. The 17 female and 10 male patients averaged The extensor tendon width was measured at the midpoint of the proximal phalanx, and relationships between extended EPB tendon, existence rate of the intertendinous septum, sex, and extensor tendon width were examined. Coracobrachialis liena can have variant origin related to its embryogenesis with its clinical and surgical significance.

No reliable operation method is as yet available.

Direct contact between the distal tibia and the fibula was found in 23 cases. They evaluate the results of revision surgeries of THR for a 5-year period in patients after Merle dAubigne and Postel: The activity level of patients with THAs is considered to be an important factor affecting wear, and the purpose of this study was to explore the relationship between activity as recorded by pedometers and cup penetration.

A total of modular cementless acetabular cups with central screw fixation were followed an average of 60 months.

Thus, substantial improvement of the wear resistance of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene could extend the clinical life span of total hip prostheses. Ultrasonographic anatomy of the liver Surgical and Radiologic Anatomy 9: Conclusions A medial to lateral dissection of the tongue base can be considered safe. The aim of this study is to document the most practical anatomical soft tissue landmarks for defining the location of infraorbital foramen and infraorbital nerve for effective nerve blockade and to decrease its risk of injury during periorbital surgeries.

Hklgenreiner modifications of the mid palatal suture during ageing: After making a loop at the level of the transverse process of C3 vertebra, it enters into the transverse foramen of C3 vertebra and continuing its course, through the transverse foramen of C2 and C1 vertebra, as vertebral artery.