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These agents work in concert to reduce fat deposits. The article reviews the results for patients treated with Lipodissolve and other injection lipolysis treatments. This article describes the author’s experience with lipodissolve, a nonsurgical treatment to reduce fat deposits via the injection of a single component. Download Citation on ResearchGate | Lipodissolve for body sculpting: Article in Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology 5(10) ยท October with.

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One of the treatments that I think works well is Lipodissolve. I have looked artifle the scientific evidence and attended a couple of training courses and been impressed.

The active ingredients are phosphatidylcholine PC and deoxycholate DC. PC is the same thing as lecithin, an accepted nutritional supplement, and is a component of every cell in your body. Deoxycholate is a bile salt. When I was a teenager, everyone was taking lecithin as a cure-all for everything from memory loss to an overworked liver.

The loss of volume of fat from these injections has been confirmed with studies, measurements of patients, ultrasounds of the skin and fat and biopsy studies. The injections also cause inflammation which stimulates the treatment area lilodissolve tighten up so that the skin appears smooth rather than like an empty sac after the fat has melted. Treatments involve a series of six to nine injections every few weeks to the same area, commonly the abdomen, love handles, chin and thighs.

The author was probably vague here because she was aggregating different protocols for fat-melting. That means injections for one treatment. The injections are 1. Treatments should be spaced at least 8 weeks apart. Kinney may not know anything about PCDC but lots of other doctors do.

If you had a fat embolism akin to a blood clot but made of fatas sometimes occurs after breaking a bone, they used to treat you with 4. An injection into the bloodstream is more dangerous than an injection into artkcle skin so they had to have confidence that such a high dose was safe.

Initial and Long Term Results of LipoDissolve

In Europe, doctors know a lot about what these chemicals do to nerves nothingtissue melt fat and stimulate collagen production and blood vessels nothing. We do know what happens to the fat once it is dissolved: I find it interesting that plastic surgeons are warning against this treatment.


It seems to me lipodkssolve they are the most threatened by it because it will cut into their liposuction business. There are plastic surgeons who do both liposuction and Lipodissolve and they seem satisfied that each treatment has its place.

Some interpret the trend as the point where liipodissolve vanity meets physician greed. For instance, cosmetic surgery is much riskier than Lipodissolve. I hear of people dying every year as a result of cosmetic procedures like face lifts and liposuction.

I belong to a forum that discusses every adverse reaction to Lipodissolve and no one has ever come close to death. I personally offer Lipodissolve because I believe in less risky alternatives to surgery. I reduce the risk of Lipodissolve by carefully assessing each client who asks for it with a detailed history and a physical examination. No one gets the injections on artixle same day as the initial consultation so they have lots of time to think it over.

Some complain of feeling ill and have nausea, diarrhea and fatigue. First of lippdissolve, I warn everyone about pain, swelling, bruising and bloating, nausea, diarrhea, lightheadedness, and so on. Secondly, would you not have all of those symptoms after an anesthetic and liposuction? Have you ever seen anyone on the day of surgery, any surgery? Irregular dimpling and divots lipodiesolve the skin are much more common with liposuction than with fat-melting injections.


Lipodissolve is part of mesotherapy, which refers to any treatment that involves multiple small injections under the skin. Mesotherapy can be used for any number of indications, including to improve energy, treat depression and so on.

Classic lipodisdolve is a tool of homeopathic doctors who mix up to several hundred ingredients at low concentration into injectable solutions.

Lipodissolve itself is an umbrella term for different compounds that are used for the purpose artic,e melting fat. Some compounds contain varying concentrations of PC and DC, some contain DC alone, and some contain something entirely different. This makes sense to me because there are lots of little decisions and adjustments that I make during a treatment based on my medical knowledge.

There was a question about whether it was the PC component or the DC component that liodissolve the fat-melting results. The PC component has other beneficial effects such as turning on enzymes in the body that regulate how the body handles fat. The LA Times also gives examples of people having bad outcomes with Lipodissolve from clinics in beauty salons or gyms. Hello, my name is Tonya Ross and I was wondering if I could take up a bit of your time and talk to you a little bit about an opportunity I have for you.


Multisystem Organ Failure Following LipoDissolve Injections | OMICS International

I am currently a consultant for Arbonne International and I was wondering if you had heard of our products? I was also wondering if you would be interested in looking into the possibility of looking at the venture of selling the products in conjuction with your practice to patients, etc. We offer a huge array of products that offer phenominal results that are healthy for you and offer pure health from the inside out.

If you would be interested in looking further into this endeavor, I would love to speak with you! I am just starting a blog about a simlilar topic and think we could both benefit if we exhanged blogroll links.

Please email me if you are interested lipodissolveguide gmail. Lipodissolve has been covered in anti-Lipodissolve campaigns by Kythera Pharmaceuticals and Dr Joel Schlessinger, in an effort to gain market control for their own upcoming product AXT deoxycholate which is intended to do what Lipodissolve already does.

The criticism is a fake effort by Kythera and Dr Schlessinger to alarm the public from “safety concerns” while almost all problems observed in these injections don’t come from Lipodissolve, but from the wrong use of only deoxycholate in the treatment. Dr Schlessinger is behind all pressure to ban Lipodissolve state by state, for FDA complaints, media smutt campaigns and more.

Of course pain and swelling is not a serious concern with a treatment, and Lipodissolve need not be associated with any pain at all. Pain meds have to be provided as with any other treatment. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The low-down on Lipodissolve. The article was inaccurate about the number of injections and the frequency. A big part of the problem when discussing Lipodissolve is comparing apples with oranges. Rose Jeans December 17th, Categories: Hello, I am just starting a blog about a simlilar topic and think we could both benefit if we exhanged blogroll links.

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