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This video documents El Teatro Campesino’s piece The Cenci. After studying the theory of French theater practitioner Antonin Artaud and his conceptual. Antonin Artaud’s The Cenci, now getting a rare revival by the Hotel Savant companyt at the Ohio Theater, may have shocked audiences in Los Cenci, texto; Antonin Artaud, el actor hierofánico y el primer teatro de la crueldad, Jorge Dubatti; Las voces de Artaud, Derridà; Artaud y.

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After studying the theory of French theater practitioner Antonin Artaud and his conceptualization of a Theater of Cruelty which emphasized the importance of gesture and physicality as its own expressive language and also challenged concepts of reality vs.

In this controversial play, inspired by a real Italian family the Cencis, in particular, Beatrice Cencithe Cenci family conspires to assassinate the father figure in an attempt to stop his reign of terror, torture, rape and incest. The father unveils the conspiracy, with tragic, fatal consequences. It is a very dark piece that applies the Teatro Campesino aesthetic to Shelley’s script, adding a highly physicalized visual score to a text-heavy piece, which also mirrors Artaud’s physically-based theatrical style.


According to director Kinan Valdez, the play was not well-received by the ETC audiences because of its controversial themes. Special Collections Teaching Modules.

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San Juan Bautista, California.

Anahuac Valdez, Adela G. Published in El Teatro Campesino: