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Read “Love in the Afternoon” by Lisa Kleypas with Rakuten Kobo. Love in the Afternoon continues the Hallaways series by Victorian romance author Lisa. Love in the Afternoon by Lisa Kleypas, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. love in the afternoon by Lisa Kleypas Now, I know that Beatrice is a woman of the forest from previous stories in the Hathaway series and I am.

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Now that’s just MasterCard priceless.

Review – Love in the Afternoon by Lisa Kleypas | The Book Pushers | Book Reviews | Book Chatter

She did leave us with a couple of cliffhangers that could surely avternoon resolved in a Christmas novella! Christopher had a tough time in the war and his scars run deeper than his skin and the only thing that helped him through was the letters from Prudence so he is angry when he finds out it wasn’t her but someone else.

By this time, he had gone into near apoplexy. When Christopher relates a story about his loyal battlefield companion, a scruffy terrier named Albert, the reader knows that Afternopn and Albert are destined to meet.

I love that when he realized it was Bea that had wrote the letters that he told her it was her he loved. Because I figured by then, Beatrix would have grown up some. Love seeing all the other couples and their growing families. Would any book have lived up to my hopes for the finale of the Hathaways?

Review – Love in the Afternoon by Lisa Kleypas

I’m also delaying because this was the end of a wonderful series, and I feel like I’m leaving a bunch of good friends behind, and that makes me a little depressed. So I’m sort of dragging my feet figuring out what to say.


I would really recommend that you start with the Wallflower series: Still, big 5 stars! A Gentleman Never Tells. From then on, they began to correspond, sending letters back and forth to each other. Before she could move, he had straddled her, all that sleek, golden koeypas poised above her.

IMO, each book in this series was a avternoon, filled with plenty of humor and romance, each hero sigh-worthy, each heroine feisty and likable. I have a thing for wounded heroes and to see how Bea was able to help him This book was everything I was waiting for and more. What started out as a desire to help has turned into something completely unexpected, and Beatrix feels guilt over the kept-up pretension that Prudence is the one writing the letters and is conflicted with love lovve this man whom before she only felt dislike for.

Love in the Afternoon — All About Romance

My favorites in this series will always be Seduced at Sunrise and Married by Morning. A man that he used to snob Beatrix and her oddly manners, but after all those things that he had to witness in the battlefield, Christopher became a different man I absolutely LOVE this book!

Jan 31, Erika rated it liked it Shelves: I will miss them so badly but i’ll always remember them with love and a warm smile on my face Oct 20, Didi rated it really liked it Shelves: War was a lot different in the s–more up close and personal, so my heart broke for what Christopher went through.

In Love in the Afternoon wfternoon finally get to find the happily ever after for the youngest of the Hathaway brother and sisters, Beatrix.

Jleypas Love in the Afternoon Beatrix Hathaway came into her own, and she proved to be an intuitive, charismatic, engaging, compassionate force to be reckoned with! Before the Crimean War, Christopher was a smooth-talking handsome devil who had life easy as a second son and was well above Beatrix in the social standing.


She was angry with him and since then, she had tried to stay away from him. Beatrix’s friend, Prudence received a letter from one of her suitors Inshe was named Miss Massachusetts in the Miss America competition. So begins two years of correspondence.

I just love when the quirky and irreverent Hathaways get together–I think LK should do what she did with the Wallflowers and write A Hathaways Christmas. Give me a dozen more Hathaways and it still won’t be enough! Every letter she sent him was the only thing that saved his sanity during those depressing months.

Finishing the Hathaways series makes me want to cry. Amelia and Cam get the most page time, followed by Leo God this guy is witty! Love in the Afternoon. She did a wonderful job capturing a family’s love and devotion to their Ahem A Christmas to Remember. Three Weddings and a Kiss.

She’s strong, capable and smart, but it’s Christopher who sees that what keeps her apart from others is insecurity. Of all the Hathaways, Bea has always been the most peculiar, in a good way!

When a Girl Loves an Earl. And then we have this book. She was lovely, kind, passionate and very sweet.